We’re grieved and saddened by yet another incident of police brutality against an unarmed man in Minneapolis. George Floyd was the victim of not only a bad cop and the ambivalence of three others who stood and watched his killing, but of a system that gives the appearance of antipathy and aggression toward people of color, especially black men.

We’re further saddened and angered by the riots and looting of innocent businesses and homes, by the injury and killing of innocent bystanders and police officers trying to restore order and calm across our nation.

The issues of racial equity are longstanding and complex. They won’t be solved in a day or a week, and they won’t be solved with the throwing of bricks, the theft and destruction of property, or the burning of buildings.

As a company that seeks to democratize the media for the average person, we believe firmly that communication is key to healing. That means listening as much as it means talking. We all need to quiet our own outrage long enough to hear the other side’s point of view. We may not agree with it, but at least we respected it enough to genuinely listen and seek to understand.

To our friends, neighbors and “fellow travelers”, we hear you. We want to listen. We seek to understand.

Let’s start there. Communicate with us. We’re here to learn and grow along with you.

Our deepest sympathies and heartfelt prayers go out to Mr. Floyd’s family, those impacted by violent responses to his killing, and to our nation.